"His Word in our heart changes our walk"

Welcome to The Practical Word

Dear Friend,

Thank you for searching out this page of clear practical Bible teaching on the Web. If there is anything about the ministry of Jesus that grabs me it’s the simplicity, relevance and practicality of it. These thoughts have been my inspiration to continue to share God’s Word with all who really want to see change in their lives.

I do trust you will be blessed and assisted by the ministry you listen to. If the scriptures are carefully divided as the apostle Paul says, it will establish us in the truth and equip us for the difficult times that we as Christians are now facing. The greatest benefit of absorbing Bible teaching is that when the storms of life come our way we will not be blown over. The truths of God’s Word gives us the strength to just press on and our consistency will be a strong testimony to the onlooker of the power of the Gospel.

It is a medical fact if we cover the eyes of a baby from its time of birth its eye sight will never develops. An article from the University of Edinburgh states “for normal growth of the eye to develop light needs to enter the eye without being blocked.” As all truth is parallel it is easy to compare this with spiritual vision. No wonder the Psalmist was inspired to write “The entrance of thy word giveth light.” Ps.119:130. (AV). I pray that as you take time to study God’s Word your spiritual eyesight will develop.

Happy listening, Samuel.

Pastor Samuel McKibben

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